Is it bad to add new oil to old oil?

An oil change is a minor problem of vehicle owners, but it plays a significant role in keeping the vehicle in good condition. In any instance, if you fail to change the oil with the right products and on time, it will affect the warranty of your car.

Though, professionals now share that the average oil change gap or about three months or every 3,000 miles are an old concept. It is because many vehicles can travel farther before requiring oil replace.

Importance of oil change

If you change the oil more often than necessary, this spending never helps your vehicle. Also, it never harms your vehicle. You are wasting resources, time, and money in this process. Instead, you can perform oil change when required. It helps you to maintain engine performance properly.

Apart from that, it ensures that your vehicle can run smoothly and effectively. The considerable level of oil let vehicle owners achieve better torque and mileage.

When you decide to change the oil, you should know whether adding new oil into old oil is good or not. The answer is no. It is because no one mixes fresh cooking oil with the used ones for preparing food. Hence, you do not add new oil to old oil in your engine.

Why should you avoid adding new oil into your old oil?

  • Used engine oil holds sludge, dust, carbon, small metal particles and many other contaminants in your suspension

  • They have drained out of your engine while changing the oil

  • Even it does not create problems, but you do not expect anything from this process

  • Instead, it will waste time, money and resources

  • When you pour new oil into old oil, it will reduce the oil quality.

  • As a result, the engine will not function as before

Drain out your old oil

If you want to ensure that your engine will work smoothly, you can completely drain out old oil while changing the oil change. It ensures that you do not mix old oil with new ones.

In some cases, you can add the new oil into your already existing oil in your engine. It is allowable only when the level of oil runs low and also needs an instant top-up.

The old oil in your engine has formed as sludge at the bottom of your engine. It is a big hindrance to the engine lubrication process by blocking its entire way. If you want to avoid the hassles, you can read the above guide.