Why Is My Car’s Engine Using Too Much Oil?

Excessive engine oil consumption is a common problem, and it is taken seriously. If your engine is consuming much oil, you need to diagnose the problem sooner because it will lead to serious issues.

When it comes overcome this problem, you need to take proper guidance; this will help you make the diagnosis by knowing familiar sources of oil consumption, external as well as internal.

When it comes to diagnostic, you need to gather as much information related to the exact issue because it is essential for troubleshooting components or systems, my car need oil so often and it created lot of troubles during driving.


The exact condition of the motor, as well as transmission, can be challenging to diagnose because it could not be visible from the outside. It is essential to test drive the vehicle to check the condition of both.

To overcome the burning oil problems, you need to check the engine oil level as well as notice it dropping steadily. If the engine has burning oil, then it will be easily noticeable when starting the car because it creates blue smoke.

Of course my car using too much oil so I have faced a lot of difficulties, when it comes to identify problems it is also important to do proper test.

You can easily measure engine oil consumption rate you must consider the following test,

  • Open the hood as well as pull out the oil dipstick

  • Reinsert the dipstick or add the correct type of oil

  • Drive your car frequently and regularly check the oil level

  • Continuously check odometer

Preventing excessive oil consumption is essential to overcome complications. Nowadays, many modern vehicle models come with advanced options and extended oil change intervals.


How To Reduce Excessive Engine Oil Consumption

To avoid difficulties, you need to monitor your engine oil level as well as the exact condition of the engine periodically. It is better to check your engine at least twice a month because it can be helpful to change the necessary things; it is different to find problems related to truck burning oil so it can be properly monitored to find the problems.

If your engine leaks oil, you must remember that your engine gets damaged. Most importantly, leaking oil contaminates the soil. At the same time, the burning oil scatters hazardous particulates, so you must pay proper attention as well as repair the oil leak as soon.